About Wendy Joseph


Writer and Able Seaman Wendy Joseph vies with her characters for a life of romance and adventure. She crews cargo ships world-wide, the tall ship Lady Washington, the WWII freighter SS Lane Victory, the SS Virginia V, and the battleship USS Iowa. She has been chased by pirates and typhoons, can say “Arrgh!” in six languages and splice a 12 strand line. She holds an MA in English Literature from UCLA and an MA in Writing from the University of Washington. On stage, she has played roles from Shakespeare to avant garde to stand up comedy, and appeared in the movies Singles, American Heart, and Assasins.


Her plays GARGOYLES, BOOKING HOLD and THE HAMLET INTERVIEW have been produced in Seattle; her screenplay MURMANSK RUN won first prize in the Northwest Screenwriters Guild contest and is currently in pre-production. Her poem “CHIEF JOSEPH” won first prize in the Seattle Writers Association contest, and other poems have been published in Bricolage, HA! and Westwind. Her short piece “Ernesto Visits the Five Spot” won a Bad Hemingway contest.


Joseph spent a scintillating time in France researching THE WITCH’S HAND, which was a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association contest. She is currently working on a stage adaptation of James Joyce’s ULYSSES, another play about Hitler’s rise to power, and a new novel, BLOOD ON THE WATER, a thriller about the 21st century Merchant Marine. When at anchor Wendy lives in the wilds of Washington State with her cats Jean Lafitte and Bijou.








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