Catching Chaos

Look for me in tangled lines

When spindrift traitors smack the glass

Look for me when morning flails

Till day is shamed, and hides

Amid the barrels’ rolling cries of infidelity

And the deck runs sideways up

Look for me when petrels fall to roost

In watery hollows

Look for glows that could be lights

Bow lights, could be stars

Look through mist, for a

Swirling something none can see

Look for me

Look for me


  1. Wow, I’m not sure what it means, but it’s an amazing array of words. I don’t think one is supposed to read it normally left to right. My brain keeps wanting to jump all over the tangles spendthrift glass swirling in the watery hollows in barrels something look look something hidden.

    I’m not a heavy reader, I have a form of dyslexia, I’m a visual artist. But this is one of the coolest “wordy” things I have come across.

    Two thumbs up!

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