Stellar Reviews for The Witch’s Hand!

    Her hero is not all good, her villain is not all bad and her heroine is as likable a girl as ever got into trouble dealing with magic. Once in I was hooked and read it straight through!    Felicia Dale   This story has many twists and turns that will keep you reading […]

Catching Chaos

Look for me in tangled lines When spindrift traitors smack the glass Look for me when morning flails Till day is shamed, and hides Amid the barrels’ rolling cries of infidelity And the deck runs sideways up Look for me when petrels fall to roost In watery hollows Look for glows that could be lights […]

The Witch’s Hand – promotion

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From The Witch’s Hand, Chapter 12, “A Leap in the Dark”

        Deep in the night, long after Matins, Malaxia entered her sanctum with a candle and went all the way to the rear, the candle dancing splinters of light over and amidst the amethyst. Setting it down, she regarded the skull in its niche.         “Are you there, you charlatan?”         There was […]

The Witch’s Hand

                 The thinking person’s sword and sorcery.           You are my heiress now.  –Malaxia           I am not a witch!  –Liana          St. Michel the Archangel, get down here.  –Jettaret           I have wept […]